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Jon Jones is our Head Professional

Jon oversees all of the coaching here at Harleyford Golf Club. Jon joined us from the prestigious Coombe Hill Golf Club in 2009 where he had been the Head Assistant Professional for three years. 

Now an Advanced PGA member, Jon offers an extremely high standard of coaching, aided by the use of video technology to make your learning experience even more valuable. He follows up his lessons with audio notes and screenshots of the various different changes that you have made. 

With the level of service that Jon provides, he has managed to attract Touring Professionals, club professionals, elite amateurs and regular golfers from all over the UK for instruction. 

If you're looking to improve then contact Jon and get started, you won't be disappointed.

A List Of Coaching Services Available Includes;

  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Junior coaching
  • Course coaching
  • Corporate clinics
  • Use of video technology
  • Stat analysis
  • Goal setting
  • Psychological training
  • In depth program structuring


Adult (60 mins) Course Lessons
1 x 60 min - £70 120 min - £160
5 x 60 min - £340 240 min - £290
10 x 60 min - £650
15 x 60 min - £900

The Tour Experience Workshop 

Coaching the way tour professionals work.

Half day - 3.5 hour session / Full day - 7 hour session

Meet for coffee to discuss your golf game and together, identify areas that you want to improve. Jon will help you to establish both short-term and long-term goals and you will spend time working on specific drills to enhance your technique in the areas identified for improvement. Jon will also show you ways of measuring your progress while you practice, allowing you to replicate these drills in personal practice time, driving long term improvement in your game. 

Use V1 video analysis software, enabling you to see your technique in the finest detail. This allows you to compare your technique on screen against the best players in the world to give you a greater understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

At the end of the session, review your progress and Jon will produce a personalised development plan which will allow you to continue your progress between lessons. 

If you opt for the full day session then in addition to the above you'll have a review of the morning session over lunch, followed by playing nine holes on the Championship golf course at Harleyford where you'll cover course management, mental strategy, unusual lies, hazard management and pre-shot routine.

Half Day - 3.5 hours

1 player - £240 per player

2 players - £155 per player

3 players - £125 per player

4 players - £110 per player 

Full Day - 7 hours

1 player - £440 per player

2 players - £300 per player

 3 players - £240 per player 

4 players - £200 per player

For more information, please contact Jon at or 07921 193 044.

Jon also hosts an annual members' golf trip. 2024 information can be found below:

2024 Aberdeenshire Trip

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