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Flexible Membership

Flexible Membership is designed to suit modern lifestyles and is also an ideal membership for those trying golf for the first time and do not wish to commit to the expense of a full cost subscription.

Flexible membership will give golfers the full range of facilities and experiences available only to members of Harleyford. It is a membership for those who want to be fully involved with their Golf Club, play friendly games at the weekend, competition golf, or a relaxing few holes at the end of the day followed by a drink with like-minded people, Flexible Members can come to Harleyford as real members with the privileges of official handicaps, access to and the support of their Club, and a social life.

The number of rounds that can be played with Flexible membership depends on when they are played. A full breakdown is available on request. The Club’s software keeps a real-time record of the credits used. Unused credits at the end of the subscription year cannot be rolled forward.

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on drink and food from the menu.

Please feel free to contact us on 01628 816178 for more information regarding the Flexible Membership.