The course is open! Buggies and trolleys are ok to go out today. Range open but will be shut tomorrow morning from 6 until 10
Flexible Membership







Play Your Game The Way You Want.

Our flexible membership is ideal if you're trying golf for the first time without wanting to commit to a full cost subscription.

Flexible membership give you the full range of facilities and experiences available only to members of Harleyford.
You can enjoy being involved with the club, play friendly games at the weekend, competition golf, or a relaxing few holes at the end of the day followed by a drink with like-minded people.
You're treated as a full member with the privileges of official handicaps, access to and the support of the Club, and all social aspects.

You are limited to a set number of round which are dependent on the times of day that you play. We use a credit system that can be topped up at your leisure.The Club’s software keeps a real-time record of the credits used. 

Credits have a 2 year life, so when you renew, you won't lose out on credits unused from the previous year.

A full breakdown is available on request. 

Members are entitled to a 10% discount on drink and food from the menu.

For more information and pricing please contact our sales team on 01628 816161 or email