Course Open, No Buggies.
Art of course

At Harleyford Golf Club we are delighted, and very privileged, to have the opportunity to showcase three of James Doran-Webb beautiful sculptures around the golf Course.

Our very own ‘Harleyford Stag’ - commissioned for us by the artist and formally known as a Survey of Territory. This magnificent creature resembles the finest of beasts which can often be seen around the estate and on the course. We love him and he’s quickly become part of the family.

‘Tree Climbing Lions of Lake Manyara’ or as we like to call them the ‘Pride of Marlow’. Delivered last autumn 2016 these wonderful animals will see you in as you approach the Clubhouse from the 18th fairway. Will you crack under the pressure of their awesome gaze or will you become the Pride of Marlow?

And soon to be unveiled ‘The Wyvern and the Temple

If you would like to find out more about the art on the golf course please call 01628 816161 or email